4 September, 2010

Artistic Res/Arch

Here’s a paper on Artistic Research I gave as a keynote at the Society for Literature, Science and Art (SLSAeu) in Riga on 19 June, 2010.

Artistic Res_Arch

Interfaces of Performance

31 October, 2009

Chatzichristodoulou case

The Tendency to Trans-

Chapter Nine: The tendency to ‘trans’:the politcal aesthetics of the biogrammatic zone


FLOSS+Art Book

18 October, 2008




Vocabulaboratories Book

18 October, 2008

Vocabularies of Doing


Biogrammatic Zone

11 October, 2008

Hacking the Relation detail4

11 October, 2008

Hacking the Relation detail3

11 October, 2008

Hacking the Relation detail2

11 October, 2008

Hacking the Relation detail1

11 October, 2008

Montreal diagram detail6

11 October, 2008